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Martriden: Biography

Conceived in the desolate and spacious hills of northern Montana, Martriden from the very beginning, has set out to take all the powerful, raw, and primitive aspects of extreme music and combine the genres to create their own brand of musical mayhem.  Be it black, death, progressive, or technical, one must agree, the very essence of metal spews forth from their instruments.

Martriden’s music portrays a multitude of emotions from the complex and melancholy to the brutal primitive power of raging hatred and vengeance.  The music will send you on a roller coaster ride of sonic abuse, experiencing epic riffs and uplifting melodies and plummeting into doom-laden keys with guitars brooding in the depths of hell.

Formed officially in 2001 by brothers, Shane and Kyle Howard along with jamming partner, Will Thackeray, in the small town of Havre, Montana, Martriden quickly evolved into a six piece and began creating their brand of music with their critically acclaimed self-titled EP.  Recording the EP in 2005 with Dave Otero of Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, the group quickly commanded the attention of international labels, signing with Siege of Amida who released the EP in June of 2006.  After sharing the stage with Emperor in Chicago and Los Angeles, the summer of 2007 was spent recording their first full length album “The Unsettling Dark” which extended the group’s musical capabilities into a realm beyond only the most capable of their peers.

After the release of “The Unsettling Dark” in 2008 by Candlelight, the group set out on a DIY two month 20 date tour across the United States, finishing up in their home state of Montana and displaying to the country their tenacity and no-holds barred approach to the live setting.

Putting their strengths to work, the three core song-writers began a new venture.  In 2010, Martriden self-released the album, “Encounter the Monolith,” their second full-length album.  This album was a concept album loosely based on “2001, A Space Odyssey,” self-recorded, and mixed and mastered by Dave Otero in Denver, CO.   

Five years later Martriden has released its newest body of work, “Cold and the Silence.”  Without time constraints Martriden cut no corners.  With Shane Howard and Dave Otero co-recording and Otero’s mixing and mastering expertise, Martriden has produced an album that is truly what they envisioned.  While maintaining their own identity, their sound has evolved and displays the confidence the group has in their songwriting abilities. 

Looking forward to 2016 and beyond, Martriden are rejuvenated and ready to descend on the metal masses.  No sub-genre is safe.